MWC 2023: Boosting Private 5G and Wi-Fi Networks with Qualcomm

Qualcomm, an established leader in 5G and Wi-Fi technologies, is advancing the operation of private 5G and Wi-Fi networks with the latest research from Qualcomm Technologies. In these tech demos from MWC 2023, we see how automation with the Qualcomm Edgewise Suite could transform 5G private networks, how intelligent scheduling can boost 5G private network efficiency, and how multiple Wi-Fi access points can synchronize over the air – a world first – for major throughput gains with Multi-Access Point joint transmission.

In the first demonstration, Qualcomm shows how industrial and enterprise operators of 5G private networks could benefit from adaptive RAN operations to adapt their network’s configuration for diverse applications and network conditions. The Qualcomm Edgewise Suite could power adaptive RAN operations as an rApp with its RAN Intelligent Controller.

In the second demonstration, Qualcomm shows off intelligent scheduling with its new disaggregated and virtualized 5G private network platform with open interfaces. In this over-the-air (OTA) test, more accurate channel estimation and interference prediction with AI/ML make for a more efficient 5G private RAN capable of accommodating more 5G devices.

In the final demonstration, we see Qualcomm’s latest R&D in improving Wi-Fi network performance with joint transmission technology. This demo showcases their live Wi-Fi testbed using over-the-air synchronization for joint transmissions from multiple access points to multiple clients for a significant gain in throughput.