Re-Thinking How Products are Designed and Built

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  • Author: Gary Breed
In this column, and on our Design Notes page, I’ve written about energy-efficient products a few times. It’s one of my nonRF areas of interest, but it includes electronic technology. As “wireless everywhere” continues to grow, almost any electronic or electromechanical technology, including those used for energy efficiency, fit into the niche covered in these pages. For example, in my home, I have been gradually replacing incandscent bulbs with LED lighting. It’s still relatively expensive, but the performance level—mainly brightness and a pleasing color of the light—have rapidly improved over the past couple years. As I’ve kept abreast of LED advances, one of the comments I recently read stuck with me: LEDs won’t reach their optimum price/performance level until houses and offices have electrical systems designed to support them, including several entirely new concepts for the construction trade.
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