Inductors at UHF: EM Simulation Guides Vector Network Analyzer Measurements

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  • Author: John B. Call
When designing circuits for operation at UHF frequencies such as filter networks, matching circuits, or dc bias for high frequency circuits, lumped element inductors can achieve a significant space savings when compared to distributed components. Designers using lumped element components at UHF frequencies have many types of models available from component manufacturers or third party vendors that specialize in modeling. These models can be used to build workable circuit simulations that can accelerate initial design efforts. There are times in the design process when it is desirable to measure a component to obtain a model outside the frequency range offered by vendors, to characterize a custom component, or to measure a component in a configuration that is difficult to model. For example, a large inductance value may be needed for a matching circuit and the vendor may recommend using the component to just below the first self resonance, yet the design needs to go beyond the first self resonance. Or a designer has developed a custom inductor and would like to obtain a model that can be useful in simulatoped a custom inductor and would like to obtain a model that can be useful in simulat.
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