NPO RF/Microwave Capacitors are Designed for Maximum Performance

American Technical Ceramics, a lead-ing manufacturer of component and custom integrated packaging so-lutions for RF, microwave and telecommunications, announces the introduc-tion of the 600F capacitor series to complement the 600S Series. The 600S (0603) and 600F (0805) capacitor products, developed with over 35 years of expertise in RF and microwave tech-nologies utilize a new proprietary dielectric formulation and an enhanced internal elec-trode structure. This combination of techno-logical advancements makes the 600 Series family of products an excellent candidate for numerous RF and microwave applications. The 600 Series exhibits outstanding perfor-mance advantages over other capacitor prod-ucts in its class. This Series optimizes signal integrity and reliability by reducing radio fre-quency circuit losses thereby enhancing over-all system efficiency and performance.
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