4 Watt Ka-Band MMIC Fits Applications from 25 to 31 GHz

A new power ampli-fier module for Ka-band wireless communications applica-tions has been introduced by TriQuint Semicon-ductor. Model TGA4905 covers 25 to 31 GHz with 4 watts power output (saturated) in a matched module that can be easily designed into base station equipment for satellite ground termi-nals, point-to-point radio and LMDS. The module achieves 22 dB gain and +36 dBm output power using 0.25 μm pHEMT GaAs FET MMIC technology. Device specifica-tions are: 36 dBm P sat (midband), 22 dB gain, 10 dB typical input return loss, 8 dB typical output return loss and quiescent bias of 6 volts and 2.1 amps.
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