Electroformed Cables Deliver Performance in Highly Demanding Applications

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  • Author: Bob Thiele
Connecting compo-nents, boards, sub-systems, and sys-tems can be accomplished with waveguide, semi-rigid and flexiblecables—each offering its own defined set of strengths and weakness-es. Challenging applica-tions exist, however, that cannot adequately be satisfied with any of these options. One sel-dom considered and relatively unknown approach—electroformed cables—uniquely addresses the needs of many highly demand-ing applications. In contrast to a traditional cable and connector assembly, this solution integrates both the transmission line and con-nector to form an extremely rugged intercon-nect system. Produced through an electroform process, this one-piece unit offers the advan-tages of insertion loss performance surpassed only by waveguide, ruggedness that meets the demands of military missiles and fighter air- craft, and a bend radius that is tighter than any semi-rigid or flexible cable.
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