A 2-18GHz ESM Receiver Front-End

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  • Author: L.M.Devlin, G.A.Pearson, A.W.Dearn, P.D.L.Beasley, G.D.Morgan

This paper describes the design and evaluation of a dual channel 2-18GHz front-end module for Electronic Support Measures (ESM) applications. The module converts signals anywhere in the 2-18GHz frequency band to an IF suitable for digitisation. It includes limiting, filtering and amplification. The frequency conversion is realised by an intermediate transition to a frequency around 22-23GHz. The module contains 12 GaAs MMICs including 5 different designs 4 of which are full custom parts. It exhibits a gain of 10dB, a noise figure of around 7dB and a typical output 1dB compression point of –10dBm.

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