Modern Co-Site RF Interference Issues and Mitigation Techniques

RF co-site interference has been around since the advent of wireless communications equipment and the problem is getting worse as the need for new RF/Microwave communication systems grow. It is not uncommon to find ten or more individual wireless systems installed within close proximity of one another on a single roof top. It has become more important than ever to have an understanding of RF co-site interference, what the terms mean and what tools are available to address the problem. One thing is certain; RF co-site interference is not going away and will become worse over time as new wireless systems proliferate the environment.

This white paper is written from a practical perspective for those using or specifying new RF wireless systems about what RF co-site interference is, where it comes from and some of the most common techniques and tools that are available in today’s market place to solve these RF co-site interference problems. This paper will not delve into the math and science behind this RF co-site interference phenomenon but will serve as a general educational guide to business professionals, marketers and technical staff who are involved with the installation and use of these RF wireless systems.

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