What is a GNSS Simulator & Why you should use one for Testing

The number of applications using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology is continually increasing. So too is the diversity of these applications. Many applications are pushing the requirements of GNSS technology further than ever before. In some cases it is necessary to augment GNSS technology with other systems to meet the performance requirements of a particular application. For GNSS to succeed as a state-of-the-art technology, the design of the various parts of the system - in particular GNSS receivers - must be of a high standard that ensures reliable performance.

To enable this, it is important that the product development process is based on proper testing from concept to production. This White Paper discusses this testing, and why RF simulation - which has been the standard method for over 20 years – should be the chosen method. It also explains the concept of simulation and gives examples of different simulators for different test applications.

This White Paper sets out to provide designers, developers, integrators and testers of GNSS receivers or systems an overview of the technical benefits offered by GNSS simulation and explain the cost benefits to procurement managers, project managers and financial managers who need to construct business cases for projects involving GNSS technologies.

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