5G vs 802.11ax for Future Wireless Data Communication Technology

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  • Author: Cees Links

Ever wondered why a phone has three radios, while a tablet and computer typically have two? For that matter, why are the need of names like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE? What about 5G or Zigbee? At the same time that wireless data-communication technology and standards are still in development, new standards and proprietary technologies (like Zigbee) are clamoring for attention.

How can one separate the noise from what is real and important? Should consumers care about any of this? Despite all the marketing chatter, it is relatively easy to look at the bigger picture and understand where things are going. And as it is often the case, it can be helpful to remind how we got there, where we are today. In this white paper, Qorvo's Cees Links explains a part of wireless communication standards history, focusing on 5G and Wi-Fi .11ax.

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