Beamforming for an 8x8 Planar Phased Patch Antenna Array for 5G at 28 GHz

The antenna geometry consists of a 52.5 x 52.5 mm sheet of dielectric material (dielectric constant = 2.2, loss tangent 0.0009, thickness 0.254 mm) that is backed by a conducting ground plane and topped with 64 patch elements in an 8x8 configuration. Each patch is 3.4025 mm square and is spaced a half-wavelength at 28 GHz (approximately 5.36 mm) apart. The feed point for each antenna is offset from the center of the patch by 0.75 mm in the horizontal direction as this was found to be the location of the best return loss result. A 28 GHz sinusoidal waveform is used at each patch with an adjustable phase offset that is determined based on the desired direction of the main beam.

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