Radar Congestion Study

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  • Author: William Buller, Brian Wilson, Joseph Garbarino, Jack Kelly, Nikola Subotic, Brian Thelen, all Michigan Technological University, and Bruce Belzowski (UMTRI)

This study builds on prior work to characterize the environment in which automotive radars must operate, especially as systems with greater autonomy enter the market. Systems that operate well in environments without other radars may suffer significant degradation of performance in radar-congested environments. The results of this research provide an understanding of the levels of interference expected under different scenarios. This allows us to identify situations that require mitigation of radio frequency interference (RFI). Many techniques have been developed to mitigate RFI and several are discussed in this report. Some mitigation strategies rely on standards practiced by all the transmitters in the environment. This study identifies scenarios that require RFI mitigation and those strategies that require harmonization.

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