Intelligent Beam Management System

Millimeter wave (mmWave) can deliver on low-latency applications that subscribers expect from 5G and on the capacity that carriers need to deliver them. Limited line-of-sight conditions and propagation challenges associated with mmWave mean that carriers’ traditional gNB networks are either very limited in coverage or very costly in terms of capital expenditure (CAPEX) due to the high numbers of gNBs. Coverage in this environment has become a new problem that requires a new solution to achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

Pivotal Commware, inventor of Holographic Beam Forming®, has created the world’s first smart repeater ecosystem that extends millimeter coverage at a fraction of the cost of gNB-only networks. This ecosystem includes the Pivot 5G™ outdoor network repeater, Echo 5G™ indoor subscriber repeater, WaveScape™ network modeling and optimization tool and Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS), a software solution to manage and optimize the smart repeaters using Holographic Beam Forming (HBF) technology.

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