Manufacturing Miniature PCBs for Mixed-Signal Circuits

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  • Author: Brian Sinclair, Kevin Walker

Circuits grow increasingly complex with ever-increasing demands for higher functional integration, even as those circuits are required to fit smaller spaces in commercial, industrial, and military applications. To meet demands for circuit miniaturization and lower size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements, Benchmark Lark Technology has made significant investments in circuit fabrication technology and equipment, achieving enhanced capabilities for designing and manufacturing small, highly integrated mixed-signal circuits in multilayer and very-high-density-interconnect (VHDI) mixed-material configurations.

The advanced design and fabrication techniques leverage liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and other high-performance circuit materials for excellent isolation among even closely spaced RF/microwave/ millimeter-wave circuits and high-speed digital circuits on densely packed multilayer circuits. In addition, production equipment such as laser drills and optical inspection systems support high-reliability manufacturing of some of the industry’s smallest but most highly integrated mixed signal PCBs.

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