24 GHz Demorad Radar Solutions Enable New Contactless Sensors for Emerging Industrial Mass Market

24 GHz, silicon-based millimeter wave radar technology is enabling a new generation of real-world, no contact smart sensors that are increasingly being used in mass market applications such as automotive, UAVs/ drones, broad industrial, and consumer. These radar sensors provide real-time information such as an object’s presence, movement, angular position, velocity, and range from a few centimeters to several hundred meters from the sensor.

Until recently, radar sensors at millimeter wave frequencies were realized using discrete solutions that were large in size, complex, and expensive to build, which limited broad industrial market adoption. New 24 GHz radar products from Analog Devices provide the performance and high integration levels that translate to lowest power, small size, low cost, and ease-of-use for applications such as object detection, tracking, security control, and collision avoidance warning systems.

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