Passive Dual-Polarized Shaped-Beam Reflectarrays to Improve Coverage in Millimeter-Wave 5G Networks

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  • Author: Eduardo Martinez-de-Rioja, Álvaro F. Vaquero, Manuel Arrebola, Eduardo Carrasco, Jose A. Encinar, Maha Achour

This contribution presents the design of a passive shaped beam reflectarray to improve coverage in 5G cellular networks. The reflectarray has been designed to produce a broadened and deflected beam in dual-linear polarization at 27.7 GHz. The unit cell provides more than 360º range of phase variation and robust performance under large angles of incidence (around 50º). Phase-only synthesis has been applied to obtain the required phase distribution on the reflect array to fulfill the scenario requirements in terms of beam pointing and HPBW. The designed reflectarray exhibits a stable behavior within the 27.2-28.2 GHz band, showing the potential of this technology for millimeter-wave 5G communications.

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