5G And Non-Terrestrial Networks

5G and Non-Terrestrial Networks covers satellite-based communication in detail that can potentially play an important role in leveraging communication infrastructure to deliver 5G services in the future and bridge the digital divide.The white paper also explains how 5G standards increasingly can make NTN and satellite segments part of the 5G ecosystem and connectivity infrastructure. The white paper examines additional factors like different spectrum frequencies used by satellites, different operating modes that allow for co-existence, roaming and data sharing, and how moving and fixed-beam systems impact 5G networks.

The white paper focuses on various aspects of 5G satellite based communication.From architecture LEO/MEO/GEO to deployment options in partnership with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) as well as possible co-existence with terrestrial networks involving spectrum usage and the complexities involved in the deployment of a 5G satellite-based network.The paper also looks at potential use cases complementing terrestrial networksoffering broadband coverage and coverage to rural areas where terrestrial networks have limited coverage.

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