Highly Doped AlScN 3.5 GHz XBAW Resonators with 16% k^2eff for 5G RF Filter Applications

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  • Author: Craig Moe, R.H. Olsson III, Pinal Patel, Zichen Tang, Michael D’Agati, Mary Winters, Ramakrishna Vetury, Jeffrey Shealy

The authors report 3.5 GHz bulk acoustic wave resonators with an observed k2eff in the range of 14.2 to 16%, which the authors believe to be amongst the highest reported for a Sc mole fraction of 28%. The measured Qp is as high as 951 at 3.5 GHz, which is 3.8 times higher than recently reported for resonators at comparable Sc mole fractions. A high Qmax of 1070 combined with the high k2eff achieves the highest reported FOM at 158 for a Sc mole fraction of 28%. Furthermore, randomly selected 3.5 GHz devices mounted on evaluation PCB boards were power tested and damaged at CW power levels between +40 dBm and +41.5 dBm, indicating high power performance capability.

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