Improving mmWave Coverage Indoors with Pivot 5G

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  • Author: Steve Ostroff

Pivot 5G is a 5G network repeater developed by Pivotal Commware to redirect mmWave signals beyond their natural line-of-sight propagation. These signals originate from gNB small cells. Pivots are not small cells, but they improve their coverage by directing it to areas that are shaded or otherwise obscured.

Pivotal partnered with an Internet access provider to steer some of the existing 5G mmWave coverage from the middle of the concourse, where passengers typically walk to their gates, to the sides of concourse where they wait for their flights. Before Pivots, coverage to these waiting areas was obscured by restaurants and shops, causing downlink throughput to fall as low as 23 Mbps. After Pivots were installed, throughput to these areas improved as much as 3,491% to 826 Mbps.

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