Clever Dumb Antenna: Passive Multibeam Antenna for Broadband Wireless Communication

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  • Author: Dr. John Howard, Chuck Fun

A passive multi-beam antenna systems with beamforming technology that can be used to increase quality of service, network capacity, and spectrum to meet the current and future demand of data usage and network capacity is presented. The system presented can produce as many as 32 narrow high-gain beams in a 120° sector with beam crossing set to be between 3 to 10 dB. Each beam provides a capacity and throughput multiplication over a traditional cell site. Frequencies can be reused in a sector resulting in a spectrum multiplication of as many as 32 times. With the use of multiplexers several channels can be combined and transmitted in each beam providing multi-band/multi-channel transmission with a single antenna system to further increase user capacity and throughput.

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