Maximizing SINR: KP ProLine Horns and Sectors

The 5GHz spectrum from 4.9 to 6.4GHz is used globally in fixed and mobile wireless, land/mobile/radio (LMR) systems, public safety, Wi-Fi and more. Its popularity and eventual global standardization are partially attributed to its effective propagation distance of 10-25km and the availability of many channels of large bandwidths. Regardless of application, a reliable communication link between an access point (AP) radio and client premise equipment (CPE) or user equipment (UE) requires high signal-to-interference and noise ratio (SINR). Effectively, SINR dictates how loud your signal is over everything else in the ether. A high SINR means the CPE/UE can hear your AP better, and vice versa. To achieve a high SINR in 5GHz point-to-multipoint communication, operators have two options: a sector antenna or horn antenna.

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