Advanced Connectivity Architecture for 5G-V2X and DSRC

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  • Author: Danish Aziz, Fionn Hurley and Chris Bohm

The present-day wireless connectivity architecture in a commercial vehicle might be suitable up to the standard Level 2 of automated driving. However, it is still questionable if it will fulfill the performance requirements for Level 3 and above. In this context, we present future connectivity architecture for autonomous vehicles. It is based on the remote radio head (RRH) concept using a software-defined radio (SDR). The new architecture can provide two-fold gains. On one side, it can fulfill the performance requirements of future use cases, and on the other side, it enhances reliability by facilitating the use of multiple wireless access for a given service. We provide an example of how two wireless access technologies can be implemented using this architecture.
The overall approach is to exploit the power of softwarization, which aligns with the future of in-car computing technologies.

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