Vehicular Antenna Test Methodology

The rising demand of connected vehicles as well as the ongoing deployment of vehicle-to-vehicle communication has shown that a unified measurement procedure for the communication subsystem antenna can add benefits for the development of vehicular communication systems. A unified measurement procedure for vehicular antennas (antennas permanently mounted on vehicles) will also ensure conformity assessments of the various regional standards are handled transparently.

5GAA, as an alliance connecting the automotive and telecom domains, developed a methodology to test vehicular antennas for communication and associated aspects (e.g. GNSS). Such a methodology can act as a commonly agreed test procedure for antenna communication subsystems. It is also expected to improve the accuracy of conformity assurance procedures for such vehicular systems.

The developed methodology should be understood as a tool to optimize testing efforts and provide measures to validate antennas based on the vehicle’s form factors and special characteristics.

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