Multi-Mode Radar

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  • Author: Mark Radford

Traditional surveillance radars have been defined by their radar architecture and mechanical construction, resulting in application specific radar designs:
• Ground surveillance radar
• Air traffic control radar
• Coastal vessel tracking system (VTS) radar
The advancement of radar technology including availability of low-cost electronic scanning antennas, high capability and easily programmable signal processing platforms, and high-quality digital waveform generators, allows modern radars to do so much more than their predecessors. Yet, the majority of radars on the market presently offer only single mode operation or attempt to apply modes for one application directly to another application despite differences in target type and radar environments. However, there are radars now becoming available that offer the operation of all three modes, for air, ground and water, simultaneously. These multi-mode radars were once only available in multi-million pound military systems, but are now available at a fraction of these costs.

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