High Performance SDR for Radar Systems and Spectrum Monitoring & Recording

Over the last several decades, there has been a lot of buzz around software defined radio (SDR). SDR are radio platforms that replace traditionally analog components for programmable digital components. With the recent advancements in SDR technology such as ease of integration, higher speeds and reliability, they have become an important consideration for radar systems. The ease of maintenance and set up of SDR’s allow for seamless integration into any system. With the huge increase in radio traffic and the implementation of 5G, spectrum monitoring is an integral part of enforcing compliance with radio traffic regulations, both as a matter of national security, and for ensuring uninterrupted transmissions across all parts of the spectrum. A system providing flexibility, dynamic functionality, and ability to adapt and keep up with the exponential growth in technology is needed. Per Vices combined radio and storage solution provides real-time spectrum monitoring and recording and enables easy integration for clients, as a COTS solution. A large RF spectrum coverage and user adjustable bandwidth, combined with technology for seamless data capture, make detecting events quick and accurate. Multiple channels allow you to capture a wide amount of data,and tune into specific parts of the spectrum for further analysis and higher data fidelity. Combined with multiple options for data storage, Per Vices Cyan and Storage and Playback Solution is the top-of-the-line solution on the market for mission-critical spectrum monitoring and recording applications.

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