Streching Boundaries to Deliver Next Generation Satellite Communications

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  • Author: Doreet Oren

The next phase of SATCOM will enable ubiquitous connectivity for fixed and mobility sites, 5G and IoT, and will require innovation to provide the needed higher throughput,higher flexibility and network orchestration between ground and space. At Gilat we refer to this next generation as the Elastic Era of satellite communication, based on the demand for agile, flexible and scalable solutions.The Elastic Era, the next generation of satellite communication, will more accurately and efficiently focus resources on actual demand with minimal costs. This transformation will address the major satellite industry challenges of needing higher network capacity,at a lower cost, with ensured availability, lower latency, and higher throughput per user.

The Elastic Era will increase reach to better enable bridging the digital divide, will support bandwidth intensive applications such as used on cruise ships, wide-body passenger airplanes, 5G cellular backhaul, and IoT aggregation, as well as enable low latency real-time applications that will unleash new market opportunities, where satellite communication was previously unfeasible or commercially challenging.

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