Measure Electromagnetic Fields with the Vector Field Analyzer

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  • Author: Bruce Williams

As wireless technology has evolved, the industry has integrated  more  “domains  of  control” to make useful measurements. The power meter can be triggered to measure at will;  time  is  a  controlled parameter. The  spectrum analyzer integrates both time and frequency control. The SNA incorporates time and frequency control for both  source and receiver, but  also  includes the added dimension of multiple measurement channels. Finally, the  VNA  includes all these as well as the ability to make coherent (amplitude/phase) measurements. There is one common factor among these measurement devices: They all center on measurement of microwave signals at ports, fixed connection points on the test article.

In keeping with the evolution of wireless technology, AMETEK NSI-MI has recently introduced a new instrument type, the Vector Field Analyzer (VFA). Like the other instruments, the VFA can measure signals at fixed ports, but its unique strength is its ability to make accurate electromagnetic (EM) field measurements.

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