EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks: A Closer Look at Emission Limits & Safe Distances

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  • Author: Vladan Jevremovic

Recently, as 5G technology started to get deployed at millimeter wave frequencies, a public debate arose
whether a 5G network EMF radiation is harmful to unsuspecting general population. This white paper
summarizes the emission limits imposed by various worldwide governing bodies, gives theoretical
background regarding the computation of EMF radiation compliance distance, and gives numerical
examples as to what the safe distance from emission is in indoor wireless networks in selected countries
around the world.

We also discuss how adding a new 5G network to an existing in-building multi-technology
(2G, 3G, 4G) network affects the compliance distance. We also discuss how massive MIMO technology,
which is an important part of 5G networks, impacts the compliance distance, with numerical examples
generated by iBwave Design, a commercial indoor RF design and planning tool.

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