Transceiver with Scalable Power and Performance: A Solution to Mission Critical Communications

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  • Author: Michelle Tan

This article discusses the ADRV9001, Analog Devices’ newest generation software-defined radio (SDR) transceiver monolithic integrated circuit (IC) designed to provide scalable power and performance for many satellite,military, land mobile, utility infrastructure, and cellular mission critical communications. It first introduces three user-defined power saving options within the ADRV9001 from the component level, channel level, and IC system level. Then it further discusses a unique system feature called monitor mode, which not only saves power for the ADRV9001 itself but also enables the user to reduce the baseband integrated circuit (BBIC) operating power so that the best overall system power saving target can be achieved. This article also demonstrates power consumption savings for each power saving option and provides a detailed explanation of the associated performance trade-offs. By thoroughly understanding those trade-offs, the best system power saving strategy can be determined to achieve the optimal power consumption with satisfactory system performance.

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