Standard RF Cluster Connector for FDD 4T4R to 8T8R Applications

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  • Author: Tomáš Sedlácek, Davide Donato

Antenna design is facing challenges, e.g. operators need highly integrated antennas to support multi-band FDD 4T4R and LTE TDD/5G NR 8T8R, resulting in more than 20 ports. Antenna size is a critical factor in network deployment which limits the number of single connectors in antennas.Cluster connectors (connectors including several RF ports) enable compact solutions overcoming this challenge.

With cluster connectors, more than 20 ports, supporting multi-band 4T4R and 8T8R, can be easily arranged within the size constraints of a typical antenna end cap.With several different cluster connector solutions, the standard of cluster connectors needs to be aligned to avoid unmanageable mixed connector combinations in the networks. A project team of industry players was organized by NGMN, with the objective of introducing common rules for cluster connectors to reach harmonization across the industry.

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