IMT (5G) Operation In Satellite Downlink Frequency Bands and Uplink Frequency Bands Same-same or.. ?

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  • Author: Per Hovstad

International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) and Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) offer very different applications and there is no commercial competition between them. Quite on the contrary, the two are complementary to each other where FSS can support IMT e.g. by providing backhaul services or by offering solutions where IMT for technical and/or economic reasons is unable to offer the services. Therefore, there should be no reason for IMT and FSS to fight each other. 

Noting that technically, the interference mechanisms are very different in satellite downlink and uplink bands, this article has discussed the interference mechanisms for the satellite uplink bands and is suggesting some measures for improving compatibility that might be worth investigating. It is important to note that for mutually agreeable co-existence measures to have a chance to be identified, the IMT and satellite industry have to get out of the current polarized positions and cooperate in a manner where both sides accept limitations and where both sides refrain from unduly blocking the other through unreasonable protection requirements, unrealistic technical parameters or inflated power and spectrum demands.

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