6G Vision

With 5G availability fast expanding worldwide and a “mid-generation” evolution cycle anticipated in 3GPP Release-18, now is the right time to lay down the foundations for the next generation, global 6G standard. MediaTek has played a leading role in the design, standardization and ongoing evolution of 5G. It has led the way in bringing to the market mature 5G devices that can operate in new groundbreaking 5G systems (i.e. both Radio and Core). As the world’s leading smartphone chip supplier1 and an undisputed 5G commercial product leader, MediaTek is in a prime position to define and drive the vision and realization of next generation mobile technologies for 6G.

The revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning will play a central role in making this 6G vision a reality; setting up, operating and managing such a system will require novel tools that can automatically and dynamically tailor its overall configuration and operation to the requirements at hand, without human intervention, while iteratively learning to improve its performance. This white paper details our 6G vision along the following themes: timeline, key drivers and enablers.

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