Trends in Military Communication Systems

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  • Author: Chris Heavens

Military communications is no different than the rest of the world’s communications; they want it smaller,lighter, covering more bands and carrying more voice and data than the last generation of products. But there are other changes that are potentially much more profound that will eventually change the way that battlefront communications is carried out.

Traditional tactical communications has been via specialized individuals or locations that were the hubs for information exchange using terrestrial links or, more recently, a combination of ground and UHF SATCOM uplinks. AR Modular RF has been making man-pack 20 Watt KMW 1030 and man portable/vehicle KMW2030 & KMW2050 125/200 Watt units for a number of years to address the traditional hub and spoke kind of communications. These kinds of systems are still the backbone of military communications, but the wind of change is already blowing and vendors like AR Modular RF are constantly looking into the future for product enhancements and new product developments.

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