A Single TDL Solution For Training and Battlefield Operations

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  • Author: Brian Bass & Steven Horsburgh

TDL communication brings critical visibility to the battlefield by providing  warfighters easily accessible, sharable, and precise location and identification information of everyone in the combat zone (support teams, adversaries, and friendlies in the air, sea, ground, and space arenas) which enables them to make better tactical decisions. However, TDL training is essential for warfighters and operators to effectively communicate across multiple TDLs. The more personnel who are comfortable exchanging Link 11, Link 16, VMF, and other TDL communications, the more opportunities there are for friendly forces to interact and interoperate to protect lives and achieve mission goals.

The good news is militaries can finally leave their TDL training challenges behind. Innovative, new solutions that combine TDL training and battlefield communications capabilities in a single system are allowing armed forces to completely change the paradigm around TDL training. They can train personnel in Link 16 and other TDL communications anywhere,even during mission deployments. And they can use the same system to set up a TDL network quickly and easily for command-and-control operations on any battlefield, at any time.

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