5G NR Multi-Channel System Troubleshooting across Time, RF and Digital Domains

An engineer’s ability to view signals across multiple domains to analyze several different types of measurements simultaneously with a single instrument is incredibly useful in complex 5G systems where digital, analog, and RF signals interact with each other. Although a lot has already been done in the development of 5G systems, scientists and engineers still face many challenges.

5G systems rely on a symphony of digital, analog and RF signals. Today the testing of RF power
amplifiers for synchronization, gain, and timing characteristics must be combined with modern control interfaces such as those using MIPI as the RF Front-End Control Interface (RFFE). Being able to analyze signals across multiple domains is critical to finding interference, glitches, spurs,drop-outs, and other errors. In this paper, we will take you through a typical 5G system debug and validation scenario of a wideband RF amplifier.

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