6G Spectrum: Enabling the Future Mobile Life Beyond 2030

5G is still in its early phase and is ramping up even faster than previous generations of cellular communication. While there are multiple waves of deployments and upgrades yet to happen in many parts of the world, the ICT industry, academia, and standardization bodies have already begun to discuss and invest in new technologies to power the next generation of limitless wireless possibilities beyond 5G and 5G-Advanced toward 6G.

Ericsson believes that future networks will be a fundamental component to virtualize all parts of life, society, and industries, fulfilling the communication needs of humans as well as intelligent machines. To realize the future network vision enabled by 6G and to deliver its full potential, there is a need to secure timely spectrum availability. This white paper focuses on the role of spectrum to unleash the full potential of 6G, the importance of existing spectrum as well as additional spectrum and the need to consider proper authorization regimes.

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