Software Defined Radios (SDR's) for Defense Markets

Technology and defense have intersected and grown together since the beginning of time, allowing for communication,intelligence operations, and monitoring.Growing in sophistication from scouts, messengers on horses, and smoke signals in ancient times, to Morse code, rudimentary radar and computing in the past century, to the multi-functional, powerful, and complex systems we have today, we can all agree that it will continue evolving.

Each of these relies on advanced RF and signal processing systems to process large amounts of data quickly and accurately to identify anomalies and relevant information, such as threats and enemy actions. Radios have traditionally been a means of communication for military operations, but have had their shortcomings via reliability and security. JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) was a program of the United States military to produce radios that provide flexible and inter-operable communications. What evolved out of this was the concept of software defined radio (SDR).

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