W Band High Range Resolution Altimeter Developments in ARRALIS

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  • Author: Ali Dagdeviren

The range resolution capability of the aircraft altimeter is one of the key parameters during the precise height measurements. During the landing of the rotary-wing aircraft, it is vital to detect the obstacles such as power cables,especially in poor visibility conditions like snow (White-out) and dust clouds (Brown-out) to assist a safe landing.

In this paper, the W Band FMCW altimeter radar developed by ARRALIS is described. ARRALIS comes with the solution of both integrated circuits and modules used in a transmitter/receiver chain designed for the W Band. This provides a complete FMCW radar system working in the frequency range of 92-96 GHz with the aid of commercial off the shelf analog to digital converters and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) evaluation boards. Thus, by achieving a 4 GHz bandwidth at the centre of 94 GHz, a theoretical range resolution of 3.75 cm is achieved, which is then degraded by the windowing function factor during converting the signal into the frequency domain. The FMCW radar system uses a triangular waveform by default, which then can be converted to other waveforms as well.

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