Innovations in Pulse Fidelity for High-Power GaN Radar and EW Transmitters

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  • Author: Darren Miles & George Bollendorf

This article discusses the correction of pulse droop and rising edge overshoot with data from Empower’s 40 kW L band long duty cycle liquid cooled pulsed amplifier, Model 2237. Radar and electronic warfare (EW) have been the primary applications for extremely high-power transmitters, driving the demand for specialized high-power traveling wave tubes (TWTs) and magnetrons. Diminishing sources of TWT supplies, with their poor reliability, inefficiency, large size, and high total lifetime cost of ownership, are causing the migration away from tubes. Improved pulse fidelity came along with the solid-state transmitter; however, next-generation radar depends on further improvements in waveform fidelity and flexibility.

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