Satellite and Space Digest | e-Book 2024

For decades, the term "Space is hard" has been a common mantra of the satellite and space sector. From intense vibrations generated during lift-off to exposure to ionizing radiation and extreme temperatures, space presents a range of challenges for components. Effectively addressing these challenges requires robust space-qualified devices and components that have been tested and can endure harsh conditions. While we do not disagree with the "Space is hard" mantra, we at everything RF have created an e-Book to try and make this a little easier.

The “Satellite & Space Digest” e-Book covers a range of topics related to the space sector from an RF point of view. This eBook discusses space-based data chains, electromagnetic effects of space on passive waveguide devices, E-band technology for HAPS and LEO satellite systems, the role of RF Baluns in satellite and space applications, satellite payload and component testing and much more. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or enthusiast looking to get a comprehensive grasp of space-grade RF technology, this eBook provides exciting insights into the design and testing of these critical components. 

The “Satellite & Space Digest” eBook is the result of collaboration with experts from leading companies like Rohde & Schwarz, Filtronic, Flann Microwave, Quantic Evans, Cinch, Marki Microwave and Mercury.

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