Coverage Evaluation of 7–15 GHz Bands from Existing Sites

Spectrum within the upper-mid range from 7 to 15 GHz is regarded as the “Golden Bands” for 6G due to the potential availability of wider spectrum than that in FR1 for high throughput, as well as the more favorable propagation characteristics of the frequencies as compared to millimeter waves in FR2 (24-51.2 GHz). Critical to the attractiveness of new spectrum for mobile broadband is the ability to re-use the existing site grid on which the current network is deployed. Any need for further site densification causes an undue cost burden as well as extended lead time for deployment. The recently concluded World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC) 2023 agreed on a new IMT/6G study item for WRC-27 including new frequency bands in the 7–15 GHz range. It will conduct further study on technical challenges and solutions to build economically viable and high-performing networks in this spectrum.

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