Qorvo's UWB Solutions Interoperable with Apple's U1 Chip for Ultra-Wideband Enabled Experiences

Qorvo's UWB Solutions Interoperable with Apple's U1 Chip for Ultra-Wideband Enabled Experiences

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world announced the interoperability of its DW3000 family of products with the Apple U1 chip used in iPhone and Apple Watch models and the new Nearby Interaction protocol specification draft unveiled at the 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference. This compatibility will enable developers to easily evaluate new app experiences based on location, distance, and direction relative to a U1-equipped iPhone or Apple Watch. The DW3000 is Qorvo's next-generation ultra-wideband (UWB) chipset family and is ramping into full production in four variants, along with several modules and beta development kits.

Compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4z standard, Qorvo UWB hardware and software solutions are also developed following the FiRa consortium PHY and MAC specifications. As a sponsor and board member of FiRa, Qorvo is dedicated to growing the UWB ecosystem, and applying its technology and application expertise to help define specifications that ensure interoperability between different end products to create a seamless experience for consumers.

Global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research forecasts there will be 300 million UWB device shipments in 2021. "Smartphones will see an increase in the integration of UWB, providing users with the ability to accurately locate other UWB-enabled devices, unlock doors or vehicles, and automatically wireless pay for products," said Stephanie Tomsett, Research Analyst at ABI Research.

Eric Creviston, president of Qorvo Mobile Products, said, "We're proud to be supporting Apple interoperability with our broad portfolio of UWB solutions. We are seeing rapid adoption of UWB in a variety of mobile, automotive, and IoT applications, where it delivers unrivaled location and secure communication capabilities. This is opening the door to new user experiences. Qorvo's UWB team has been at the forefront of this innovation for 10 years, enabling hundreds of customers to design breakthrough products and solutions across 40 different vertical markets."

Qorvo UWB products compatible with U1-enabled iPhone and Apple Watch models

DWM3000EVB: Based on the Qorvo DWM3000 module, this Arduino Shield development kit offers developers the flexibility to evaluate Qorvo UWB technology with Nordic Semiconductor development kits - nRF52832DK, nRF52833DK, or nRF52840DK. Click here to learn more.

DWM3001CDK: Based on the DWM3001C module, this kit is designed to offer a rapid prototyping solution to developers, offering JLINK-OB debug capabilities through USB and a license-free professional-grade IDE. Click here to learn more.

Qorvo UWB Software Suite

Compatible with all Qorvo UWB products from drivers to MAC to GUI and logging tools. Embedded software is compliant with the Apple Nearby Interaction protocol as well as FiRa PHY/MAC specification.

Qorvo UWB Modules

  • DWM3000: RF-only module integrating DW3110 chipset, antenna, and power management. Optimum RF layout simplifies design integration. The DWM3000 can easily interface via SPI to a wide range of microcontrollers. Click here to learn more.
  • DWM3001C: Combines Qorvo DW3110 UWB chipset with the Nordic nRF52833 BLE SoC and an accelerometer - an ideal platform for rapid prototyping of applications such as tags and access control. Click here to learn more.

Key features of DW3000 - Qorvo's UWB Chipset:

  • Second generation family of four UWB chipsets (DW3110, DW3120, DW3210, DW3220) optimized for low-power battery-operated applications. 
  • Offers worldwide support with UWB Channel 5 (6.5 GHz) and Channel 9 (8 GHz) with data rates of up to 6.8 Mbps while delivering precise positioning to within 10 cm for ranging and +/-5 degrees for angular measurement. 
  • Chipsets are available in QFN and CSP packages.

Click here to learn more about UWB technology.

Click here to read a white paper from Qorvo on UWB Technology.

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