NOFFZ and National Instruments Develop Fast and Cost-Effective Universal Wireless Tester Solution

NOFFZ and National Instruments Develop Fast and Cost-Effective Universal Wireless Tester Solution

NOFFZ Technologies and National Instruments, a company that delivers fast, flexible, and accurate RF hardware to meet the ever-changing demands of the wireless industry, have jointly developed the UWT – Universal Wireless Tester, a non-signaling RF test platform that is fast, cost-effective, and highly functional designed to test multiple wireless electronic devices in parallel within a short period of time.

The proliferation of wireless functionality in electronic devices is pressuring test developers to deliver more complex testers within shrinking project schedules. The UWT is presenting itself as a suitable solution to cover high RF port count requirements while remaining very flexible and cost-effective.

The concept of Universal Wireless Tester is enabled by the UMX – Universal Switch Matrix, which is an 8 x 32 RF switch matrix with built-in DC load emulation and voltage/current measurement block. It uses a cooperative transceiver mode that provides an automatic routing path from any transceiver to any RF port where there is a measurement request, can run multi-up parallel test sequences, and eliminates down-time during maintenance and calibration, thereby maximizing test throughput.

This in turn results in a total cost of test through a faster test time, high port count, Device Under Test (DUT) control, and signal conditioning integrated in the RF switch. The system can hence be scaled-up to support 6 GHz Wi-Fi channels, 802.11ax, and 5G NR mmWave band testing, allowing future expansion of resources when new wireless standards and technologies arrive at the market.

The high port count also enables the UWT to configure the number of transceivers required to be tested in order to reach the desired test time. This test solution supports up to 4 transceivers simultaneously. It integrates up to 32 bi-directional DUT ports with instrument software for test resource management through NOFFZ UMX switch and allows scalability up to 64 ports per test system.

All the controlling, test sequencing, hardware abstraction, and automatic switching of the DUT or transceivers can be performed using a dedicated RF test suite software supported by the UWT.

The UWT is a very competitive cost per RF port solution capable of providing the best possible total cost of testing multiple devices at a time, delivering a flexible and sophisticated tester that addresses throughput and yield target challenges, even with shrinking project schedules.

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