Johanson Technology Offers Chip Antenna Design Assistance, Tuning, and Characterization Services

Johanson Technology Offers Chip Antenna Design Assistance, Tuning, and Characterization Services

In a strategic move to elevate the wireless connectivity experience, Johanson Technology, is introducing a suite of services aimed at optimizing the "Over The Air" (OTA) performance of Wireless devices. Specializing in chip antenna design, tuning, and characterization, the company is set to revolutionize the market with its extensive design knowledge and application optimization expertise.

The newly unveiled services offered by Johanson Technology encompass a multi-step process to ensure the highest radiated performance of printed circuit boards (PCBs) utilizing chip antennas

The process begins with two complimentary RF layout reviews conducted by Johanson Technology engineers prior to PCB fabrication. These reviews focus on optimizing the antenna footprint, suggesting antenna selection and location, and providing grounding recommendations. The company boasts state-of-the-art anechoic test chambers for radiation pattern characterization based on measured data from the client's PCB.

To facilitate close and detailed technical communication, Johanson Technology is open to implementing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) if deemed appropriate by the parties involved.

Once the PCB layout review and prototype manufacturing are completed, clients are only required to send a fully populated PCB to Johanson Technology. This includes all surface-mount devices (SMDs), batteries (if applicable), connectors, and encasements. The company takes charge of mounting and soldering the antenna and antenna matching components. The system does not need to be functional, as Johanson Technology feeds its own passive 0 dBm signal directly into the antenna for precise isotropic radiation measurements.

The next steps involve thorough testing of the SMD antenna on the original, modified, or optimized PCB. Johanson Technology then tunes the antenna to proper, centered, and optimum resonance using carefully selected Hi-Q Johanson-made inductors and capacitors. Radiated performance is measured in an anechoic chamber, and clients receive a comprehensive report including a 3D plot representing the data.

The deliverables to clients include copies of the new matching circuit schematic with corresponding values and part numbers, measured radiated data, and patterns with corresponding radiated efficiency and gain figures on the client's PCB. In some cases, the process may require Johanson Technology to make modifications to the client's board in their lab and add probes through enclosures or housings.

Assemblies may be returned to the customer upon request. The entire optimization process typically takes 2-3 weeks, contingent on the complexity of the design and environment.

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