What is an Anechoic Chamber?

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Glenn Robb - Antenna Test Lab Co

Jun 21, 2017

Anechoic means without echoes. Simply put, it is a chamber (a box or room) without reflections from the walls, ceiling, or floor. It may be an acoustic anechoic chamber, where the walls are treated with fiberglass sound absorbers to suppress echoes. In our RF world, we are talking about a shielded room, where the inner surfaces have been treated with radio wave absorbers. Typical absorbers may be foam pyramids loaded with carbon (for frequencies above 500 MHz) , or ferrite tiles (for frequencies below 500 MHz).


Anechoic Chamber At Antenna Test Lab


In RF engineering, the anechoic chamber is used for “Over The Air” (OTA) measurements, as opposed to “conducted” (in coax) measurements. The RF anechoic chamber environment allows antenna patterning and radiated measurements from antennas or devices with embedded antennas … without reflections or ambient radio signals. For more information, you may view an anechoic chamber description here.


 Pyramidal Absorber Close Up


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