ZTE Showcases Innovative Wireless Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024

ZTE Showcases Innovative Wireless Solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024

Under the theme "Unfolding the Intelligent Future," ZTE Corporation, joined forces with industry partners to envision a future driven by digital intelligence at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

Notably, the company is showcased a comprehensive array of innovative products and solutions marked by ultra-efficiency, sustainability, and intelligence, aiming to highlight groundbreaking ICT technologies and their application advancements across four key exhibition zones - Ultra-Efficient Infrastructure, Intelligence for Greater Value, Boundless Future, and Smart Life at 3F30, Hall 3, Fira Gran Via.

Building Highly Efficient, Low-Carbon and Modernized Foundational Network to Meet Diverse Needs

In response to the foundational network requirements of telecom operators, ZTE showcased how to utilize next-generation networks and extensive computing infrastructure to build a future-oriented, modernized infrastructure in an efficient and low-carbon manner.

In the Wireless Area, ZTE brought forth UniSite, an Ultra-simplified radio site. Leveraging a seven-frequency integration approach, UniSite simplifies site deployment, and through multi-frequency MIMO evolution, it achieves spectrum efficiency. Introducing a new generation of constant efficiency power amplifier architecture and pioneering the industry's first power-pooled UBR, ZTE is committed to achieving ultimate energy savings. The debut of the 800GE/400GE deterministic router and the introduction of the industry's highest-capacity microwave IDU mark ZTE's dedication to efficient backhaul support, providing seamless evolution for 5G-A.

In the Wirelined Area, ZTE launched an ultra-efficient all-optical network. Through FTTx, this initiative aims to achieve comprehensive gigabit coverage for homes, campus, and rural areas. ZTE will pioneer the launch of the Tbit all-optical access platform, introducing super-fast OTN for large-scale deployment, enabling ultra-long-distance 400G connections. Additionally, ZTE will be the first to debut the 800G powerful and pluggable solution at the event.

In the Computing Power Field, ZTE presented a diversified and highly efficient end-to-end computing infrastructure solution. The full series of servers deliver high-quality heterogeneous computing power, catering to the full-scenario demands of general computing, and intelligent computing. Additional innovations include high-performance distributed all-flash storage, lossless high-speed 400GE interconnection, liquid-cooled modular data centers (DCs), and other cutting-edge products.

In the Green and Low-Carbon Domain, ZTE introduced a comprehensive end-to-end energy operation solution. The showcase demonstrates how core technologies enable universal low-carbon practices, realizing green energy supply, efficient energy storage, and intelligent energy consumption.

Leveraging AI to Drive Business Growth for Telecom Operators and Expedite the Monetization of Digital Intelligence

ZTE showcased a range of innovative products and solutions in leveraging artificial intelligence to boost business development for telecom operators and achieve digital intelligence monetization for the 2C/2B/2H markets. This includes the "uSmartNet - Truly Autonomous Network Solution," integrating AI large models and digital twin technology. Additionally, ZTE presented solutions based on the Open Gateway and Intelligent Resource Orchestration, assisting operators in monetizing traffic and enhancing user experience.

For the expansion of 2B business for operators, ZTE introduced a digital construction architecture for the industrial campus based on "industrial private network + ZTE DigitalNebula," and independently develop industry large models to help build an efficient and collaborative smart factory. Demonstrating the integration of 5G and PON technologies, ZTE showcased the expansion of a dedicated network into the OT domain. This advancement ensures heightened determinism, seamless integration of computing networks, and streamlines operations by minimizing maintenance requirements.

Furthermore, ZTE brought about the industry's first 5G+XR network media integrated solution, which empowers industrial, cultural tourism, and other sectors with metaverse applications, providing more possibilities for industry and commercial innovation. For the expansion of 2H business for operators, ZTE will elevate user experience through diverse Wi-Fi 7 terminals, comprehensive video services, and a home media computing center. Additionally, ZTE presented an end-to-end smart home ecosystem anchored by FTTR as the foundation and voice as the entry point.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies to Open Up Boundaries of the Digital Future

In anticipation of the future evolution of mobile communication technology, ZTE will present the three major visions of 5G-A and elaborate on the technology expansion across six key scenarios. Among them, there will be demonstrations of rich applications such as expanding mobile backhaul with millimeter-wave ultra-gigabit experiences, XR immersive experiences, and more. Additionally, ZTE showcased Dynamic RIS for Cost-Efficient mmWave to optimize network deployment costs and energy consumption. RedCap will be unveiled to illustrate its role in supporting the development of a trillion-dollar IoT industry. The 5G-A network with integrated communication and computing technologies will also be showcased to initiate the era of low-altitude new economy and 5G-A powered V2X autonomous driving. Furthermore, ZTE will introduce NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) technology to achieve universal connectivity across air, land, and sea, expanding into new spaces for smart phones to directly connect to satellites and wide-area IoT.

Launching Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 3.0, Deploying Multi-Terminal Smart Interconnection

In the domain of smart living, ZTE Mobile Devices unveiled its global brand vision "Better for All," dedicated to providing superior products and services worldwide through enhanced design, experiences, and quality. Committed to enabling everyone to enjoy a better life, ZTE Mobile Devices showcased a core of multi-terminal smart interconnection and ecological extension, and its Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 3.0.

Several new products and innovative technologies were introduced. These included a brand new generation and also the world's first 5G+Al 3D tablet nubia Pad 3D II, which features 3D solutions for various industries and Neovision 3D Anytime technology enabling powerful real-time conversion of 2D content into 3D. Additionally, 5G FWA products with new Al concepts, ZTE's first flip smartphone, nubia Flip 5G, and a variety of new smartphones featuring photography, music, and gaming will also be showcased.

Meanwhile, all-round photography flagship nubia Z60 Ultra, equipped with the world's exclusive fifth-generation under-display camera, all-round gaming flagship REDMAGIC 9 Pro series featuring ultimate performance and endurance, and the world's leading FWA & MBB series products will be presented at the event.

Unveiling Heavyweight Innovations, Jointly Exploring the New Industry Ecosystem for the Future

During MWC 2024, the company will host ZTE Devices New Products Launch, and ZTE 5G-Advanced Innovations and New Products Release Conference, presenting a series of innovation products to the industry. ZTE also participated in five theme forums organized by GSMA, engaging with global operators, industry partners and thought leaders on new technologies, products, and perspectives in the ICT field.

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