ZTE Introduces New Base Station for Indoor Coverage Requirements

ZTE Corporation has released a new-generation solution of TDD-LTE Pico BS to address the ever-increasing demand for indoor coverage. The new generation of base stations is a new type of indoor separation solution that includes both integrated and extended models for different scenarios. It enriches ZTE's TDD-LTE small cell product series and provides operators with a more comprehensive solution for the construction of a new room.
The TDD-LTE single-carrier & dual-carrier integrated Pico BS features the advantages of extremely low power consumption, elegant appearance, flexible installation methods, easier site addressing and deployment.

With the rapid growth of the end users’ demand for mobile bandwidth, traditional DAS can not satisfy the requirement of indoor coverage any more. The dual-carrier Pico BS achieves key technological breakthroughs such as UL&DL 2CC CA, 256QAM, and low-power consumption, completely meeting the indoor coverage requirements of high-density, high-concurrency and other hot spots in cities.

The newly debuted TDD-LTE extended Pico BS solution fundamentally solves the incompetence of traditional Pico BS in terms of networking performance and network evolution. It is based on the CU-DU network architecture for the future 5G evolution. With the segmentation of software L2/L3, the extended Pico BS features a series of enhanced functions such as cell consolidation. It can flexibly form a variety of product forms to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios.

During the commercial verification in an area of 15,000 square meters in a high-end business district in China, the solution has 1.2T newly added mobile data traffic on a daily basis.

Network installation time, network KPI performance and other aspects of the solution have been well recognized by customers. After the commercial verification, the program is proved to fully meet the requirements of the small and medium-sized, high-concurrency, high-value regional indoor continuous coverage network.  

As the industry leader in small cell end-to-end solutions, ZTE is the first manufacturer to introduce an end-to-end solution for small cells in the industry, and the first company to achieve the scale of small cell all-network elements.

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