World’s First 4 GHz Digital Variable Gain Amplifier for 5G Applications

BeRex has announced the availability of the BVA3144, a digitally controlled variable gain amplifier for 5G wireless infrastructure applications from 4400 to 5000 MHz band. Also available is the BVA3143, a companion to the BVA3144, for applications from 3300 to 3800 MHz.

Both the BVA3144 and the BVA3143 are serially programmable, and have a digital 7-step attenuator (DSA) with 0.25 dB steps for glitch-safe use, attenuation accuracy over a 31.75 dB attenuation range and two high linearity broadband gain block amplifiers (AMP1, AMP2) that feature high ACP and P1dB.

Implementation of either of these parts only requires a few external components. There is no need for a DC blocking capacitor.

The BVA3144 and the BVA3143 have high performance and high dynamic range making them ideally suited for use in 5G/LTE wireless infrastructure as well as other high performance wireless applications. The BVA3143 and BVA3144 are currently available and are competitively priced. Samples are available upon request.

Publisher: everything RF