mm-Wave Security Scanners to be Installed in UK Airports

Rohde & Schwarz has secured a 5-year Contract with Manchester Airports Group (MAG) to supply the latest generation of R&S QPS201 mm-Wave security scanners to Manchester, London Stansted, and East Midlands airports.

These mm-Wave security scanners are equipped with fast scan cycle and open architecture, the scanners will assist in enhancing the passenger experience and future-proof security operations at MAG airports.

The R&S QPS201 security scanner delivers high-precision and efficient security control while ensuring an unobtrusive and uncomplicated experience for scanned persons. It consists of a flat panel with thousands of transmitter antennas that emit extremely low-power millimeter waves in very short succession and just as many receiver antennas. People being scanned stand squarely between the panels as if facing a mirror, holding their arms slightly away from their bodies. 

Technical specifications of the mm-Wave Scanner

  • Frequency range: 70 GHz to 80 GHz
  • Multistatic operation with thousands of transmitters and receivers per panel
  • Transmit power: approx. 1 mW
  • Data acquisition time: approx. 16 ms/32 ms
  • Fully electronic, no moving parts

The contract will commence with an initial six scanners at London Stansted Airport in April 2019. Up to 100 R&S QPS201 security scanners are expected to be deployed across the three airports over the next five years.

Click here to read more about the R&S QPS201 security scanners.

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