Wi-Fi Alliance Introduces Certification Program for Wi-Fi Network Diagnostic Data Collection

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Data Elements™, bringing a standardized approach to Wi-Fi network diagnostic data collection that gives service providers better visibility into Wi-Fi networks to enhance the quality of service delivered to customers. The certification program captures and delivers key data on Wi-Fi network performance that assists service provider diagnostic capabilities, enabling better maintenance of customers’ Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi Data Elements™ provides key data to assist in Wi-Fi troubleshooting, bringing faster resolution of network issues to improve customer satisfaction on Wi-Fi networks. 

Wi-Fi Data Elements establishes a standardized model for delivering 130 Wi-Fi specific key network performance indicators such as the speed data moves across a wireless network, airtime necessary for devices to perform as expected, and retry rates between a Wi-Fi device and an access point. This consistent approach to data collection feeds directly into service provider’s diagnostic tools, helping them better understand customers’ Wi-Fi network conditions, more rapidly obtain and analyze data, and more efficiently respond to customer issues in dynamic Wi-Fi environments. Wi-Fi Data Elements can be used for: 

  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting: Provides insight into current and historical network performance, including interference from other sources, coverage and configuration challenges, and client device capabilities, enabling rapid identification of network issues and faster customer resolutions
  • Resolving Wi-Fi coverage issues: Determines whether a Wi-Fi network has sufficient signal strength for the given area and helps service providers offer recommendations for additional equipment to address user coverage issues
  • Proactive problem solving: Standardizes access to network performance data captured from Wi-Fi devices which can be accessed by Internet service provider (ISP) support systems, triggering alerts when Wi-Fi service is impacted and proceeding with issue resolutions before customers notice an issue

Wi-Fi Data Elements is another powerful tool in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ portfolio that helps optimize the Wi-Fi network experience. Using this standardized approach to Wi-Fi data collection can help service providers reduce customer support calls regarding Wi-Fi issues, reduce time spent on support calls that do occur, and enable service providers to elevate their service level. Beyond the anticipated adoption of Wi-Fi Data Elements in products deployed by network operators, access to the now standardized set of Wi-Fi data can enable innovation among the broader developer community with data-driven, interoperable features and capabilities. Wi-Fi Data Elements is foundational to self-organizing, multiple access point, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ networks and developed to seamlessly work in Wi‑Fi EasyMesh™ environments. For more information on Wi-Fi Data Elements, click here.